This letter serves to recommend Mattie Harrison for employment as a property manager. I have been on the Board of Directors for the Cottonwood Hills Condominiums in Sandy, Utah for several years and have been working with Mattie directly, as the Cottonwood Hills HOA employs Mattie as our Property and Office Manager.

Mattie is one of the best property controllers and project managers I have ever met. She is skilled at property evaluation, projects, property management and great at organizing her time and serving numerous diverse daily concerns from the property owners. She is persistent without being annoying, and above all, she gets results and takes care of each issue individually, urgently and to the constant satisfaction of all the property owners and the Board.

As a property manager, Mattie sets the bar high. Obviously, property management and various resident complaints resolution is a highly demanding and confidential field. Each time our Board is set with a problem, we know Mattie is the person to trust with resolving time-sensitive and research laden issues. Mattie is always happy and friendly.  She works for the good of the entire community. She truly gets behind the legal and maintenance research, and is genuine and convincing as a diplomat when there is a need to deal with various conflicting neighbors and quite often unreasonable property owners.

Our previous property manager almost ran our state of affairs to the ground.  Mattie was able to dive in and completely restore our management to the point where we have visible property improvements, controlled budget and a beautiful property all around.  Mattie attends every single property law and regulations related seminar on her own time and takes notes for everybody on the Board in order to educate and inform us about the new condominium laws, restrictions and real estate regulations.  She is always one step ahead in our legal documentation, collecting numerous legal proof and all of the filing required for future legal back up, should the need arise to defend our property rights and the Home Owners Association representation in the court of law.

It is always a pleasure to have Mattie in the office. She is a high-energy individual with a great sense of humor.  She is also honest and discreet, which are qualities that are rare and in demand.

Any company should be happy to have Mattie Harrison on board as a property manager.


                                                                -S. Coulter, Vice Chairman

Mattie has been handling the Property Management position here at Cottonwood Hills Condominiums for the past several years and has done an outstanding job.  She is very personable and friendly, knowledgeable in all areas of management, handles all situations – whether difficult or routine or challenging -- with much grace, and always in a very professional manner.  She works closely with our Condo Board, accountant, realty firms, etc.; coordinates all of the vendors and contractors (such as the landscape company, pool company, etc., etc.); and does an amazing job keeping up with all of the many requests, as well as complaints, from residents in the 136 condos in the complex.  And she always goes above and beyond what her responsibilities call for.

I have lived in the Condos for almost 17 years and during that time we have had various types of management, and I can tell you without reservation that none of the arrangements come close to the day-in, day-out performance that Mattie has demonstrated -- she keeps the condos running smoothly!  I did a brief stint on the Board, and for the past year or so have volunteered in the office a couple times a month as needed so have observed her up close and am always impressed with the manner in which she handles situations, people, and problems.

I can, without reservation, highly recommend Mattie Harrison for any management position, and most certainly for managing condominium complexes.

                                                                            -  S. Peterson,

                           Past board member and current homeowner

Mattie Harrison has managed our Cottonwood Hills HOA association for apx 5 years. I am on the Board at the association and been highly impressed with her attention to detail and the skills that she has in negotiation with both the owners and subcontractors.  Not only does she exhibit the personal skills needed to deal with frustrated owners in a professional manner, they always walk away feeling that they have been heard and responded to in a professional manner.

I own two companies myself in real estate and feel that Mattie is one of the greatest assists our Condo association has.

If you have any questions please call me. I cannot say enough about the quality of work that she exhibits. I am happy to answer any questions that you may have concerning her.

                                                                              -T. Fitz,     board member



I have worked with Shawn and Mattie since Feb. 2008. They are professional in their dealings with homeowners and contractors we have used on the property. The knowledge that Shawn has as a licensed contractor has been a great asset when we have needed professional help in dealing with various situations. Some of the situations included recognizing roof damage, entryway damage, carport structural damage, etc. he is able to diagnose problems and guide the condos in the direction needed to get the damages corrected. By using the companies he works with he has pointed us in te direction of who to call and has saved us time and money. He is also very capable of completing the repairs himself which he has done many times.

Mattie has worked in our office as our office manager and has been very efficient in handling our day-to-day issues with home owners. She coordinates items for the management committee, takes phone calls from residents and business contacts, writes out work orders, and see that everything is completed in a timely manner. The residents of our complex, Cottonwood Hills Condominiums, appreciate her organization, her ability to come up with solutions to problems, and her ability to listen and understand what is needed.

I would strongly recommend Total HOA Solutions as a business that does what they say they will do. Shawn and Mattie will give anyone they work with their best.

                                                                      - T. Webb, Chairman

I am writing this letter to recommend Total HOA Solutions as a property manager based upon my personal and professional experiences with the company. For 5 years, Mattie Harrison, has efficiently, responsibly and economically managed the 136 residential condominiums at Cottonwood Hills Home Owners Association. At all times, Total HOA Solutions contractors and staff (and in particular Mattie Harrison) was knowledgeable, cooperative, and very professional.

The best indication of the level of service provided by Total HOA Solutions is the following:

  1. 1.During the 5 years when the property was managed by Mattie Harrison, the grounds appearance and general maintenance has remarkably improved.

  2. 2.During her entire tenure, she worked tirelessly resolving Unit Owners in bad debt with the Association.

  3. 3.The property has been well maintained and ultimately she has been working with her staff to improve the grounds to an exceptional state and restore buildings to high-quality condition.

Total HOA Solutions at all times managed the property as if it were the owner and operating costs were kept to a minimum while revenues were maximized. I highly recommend Total HOA Solutions for property management services. In my opinion, Total HOA Solutions is clearly an up and coming market leader in property management.

                                                                     -W. Meier, Chairman


I have been a homeowner for 3 years at Cottonwood Hills Condominiums and for the past 1 year, I served on the Home Owners board.  As both a home owner and a board member, I have been extremely impressed with Mattie in her skills as a property manager.  Whenever I have contacted her as a home owner with frustration over any questions or issues, she always replied with courtesy and a sincere desire to help, explain reasoning behind the issue and possible options to help solve any problems.  Her knowledge in subcontracting and home maintenance and repair, and certainly her ability to negotiate, has made her a very big asset to us.  She is very diplomatic and sincere when working with frustrated home owners, which can at times be extremely difficult.  She gets things done and in the best, most efficient way possible.  I have enjoyed working with her and would highly recommend her to any association.


                                                                   - H. Wood,

                        Home Owner and Past Board Member



This letter is to provide a recommendation for Mattie Harrison and Total HOA Solutions in their capacity as community and condominium association managers. Our law firm works almost exclusively with community association representation and related development issues. As such we deal with numerous management companies throughout the state on a daily basis.

We have worked with Mattie and Total HOA solutions on several occasions to provide legal counsel and representation, and Mattie has consistently proven herself to be among the top managers in the state. She is one of the most knowledgeable, diligent, competent, organized and effective managers we have dealt with.

I have personally assisted and observed Mattie as she has dealt with a wide variety of legal issues, complex membership disputes, governing document interpretation and modification issues, questions regarding ownership rights, and other complicated real property issues. Each time I have worked with Mattie, I have been impressed with her understanding of complex legal issues and her ability to effectively and efficiently resolve problems as they arise. Mattie has a firm grasp of the fundamental elements of effective community association management and is constantly increasing her knowledge base through seminars and other educational opportunities. For all the reasons above and a host of others, there are a few managers I can recommend with as much confidence and enthusiasm as Mattie Harrison.

- I. James,

Richards Kimble and Winn

A Professional Law Corporation